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ResQ Club is a platform and mobile application with a noble goal: reducing waste by helping restaurants, cafés and grocery stores sell surplus food that would otherwise go to waste.

Our co-operation with ResQ Club has consisted of research and UX consultation that seeks to improve the service for both the restaurants and the consumers in key areas.


ResQ Club


Food, sustainability


Mobile / Web


Service design / Continuous improvement

Resq club user interface design examplesUser holding device with ResQ app

Approaching the project: research and interviews

Our initial plan with ResQ Club was to focus on making changes for the final UX/UI of the service. This approach ended up changing after we performed an audit for the consumer and partner applications.

The audit revealed that there were still too many open questions – getting to the root of what worked and what didn't would be far more beneficial for the client. Thus, we ended up with the following plan: organising service design workshops for ResQ's management, interviewing selected restaurant partners and presenting the findings as a to-do list.

Photo of project team meeting in progressResq club user interface design examples

Simplicity through better information flow

The research revealed that the problem points of the service often revolved around the busy environments of the restaurants, as well as the fact that selling the surplus food was often not at the top of the priority list.

To tackle this, we mapped the entire information flow of the service. This made it easier to see the things that could be streamlined and simplified, making using the service easier and thus increasing the utilisation rate. After several iterations for both the mobile and web version, we arrived at a strong list of suggestions that would help ResQ Club move forward with their internal development team.

Resq club user interface design examplesDeveloper meeting in progress

Focusing on what really counts

Our co-operation with ResQ Club is a good example of how it's a good idea to flexibly change the focus if it is what the project really needs. In the end, we were able to deliver much more in-depth solutions within the allocated time and budget by improving the core user experience of the service. This apporach also served as a good starting point for building trust for our future adventures together.

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