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An app family for temporary staffing.

Eezy Kauppa is a family of two apps that helps grocery stores all over Finland recruit temporary staff when the need arises – and the workers to find available shifts that suits their schedule.

We have been involved with the project in all its phases, from service design to development.


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Specification / Digital design / Software development / Project management

Seamless communication

Eezy Kauppa consists of two applications: one is designed the shopkeepers and the other for employees.

Using their app, the shopkeepers can announce free shifts. They are in turn immediately visible for the employees in that area. Both announcing and accepting the shifts can be done in just a few taps.

For the employees, the system offers a very flexible way of working. The shopkeepers, on the other hand, benefit from being able to quickly recruit temporary staff in tricky situations – even within an hour or two.

Several shops, one interface

Even if they have shops in several locations, adding new shifts with the app is still a breeze.

Contacting the employees is quick and easy. What's more, each one of them has gone through Eezy's own interview process. This makes sure that their reliability is extremely high.

Should they encounter any issues with the service, the app features a chat function that connects the shopkeepers directly to Eezy.

Shopkeeper app is available on App Store and Play Store.

Varied work shifts that fit your schedule

Employees can use the app to browse free shifts in their area. A calendar view makes it easy for them to check previously accepted shifts, and add holiday periods when they don't want to receive new offers.

Each shift comes with detailed instructions and information to help the employees get started. After completing the shift, the employees can also give feedback on the experience.

Employee app is available on App Store and Play Store.

Mobile as a tool in modern work culture

There are many life situations where a more flexible way of working makes sense. Likewise, many stores often struggle dealing with sick leaves and such.

A long and fruitful co-operation with the client, combined with fast reacting to user feedback, has resulted in a one-of-a-kind service that's beneficial to all involved parties.

"It has been a joy to play a part in build a success story together with a knowledgeable and agile client. The co-operation has led to good results and created a new kind of service for modern work life."

Oscar Salonaho

Managing Director, Taiste

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