A cargo ship approaching the harbour.

Case Awake.ai

Awake.AI builds digital tools for maritime transport.

The company seeks to tackle one of the most major problems of the industry: the often ineffective communication between the various parties involved in the cargo flow.

By increasing efficiency and predictability, Awake.AI's tools also significantly reduce harmful emissions.








Digital design / Software development

An image of the different user interfaces for various devices (tablet, desktop, laptop).

Close co-operation between teams and agencies

Awake.AI is an exciting multi-vendor environment brimming with experts from various agencies. Daily co-operation has made sure everyone is always up to speed.

Throughout the project, Taiste has been a part of the design, technology and core teams.

A workshop in progress. UX Designer Joona discussing with the client.

Design system as a basis for future development

A design system is a library of reusable design components and instructions on how they should be used. The goal is to ensure consistency and smooth future development even when the service gets bigger, more complex and includes several products and platforms.

We had the honor of building Awake's design system at a relatively early stage of their history. The in-depth knowledge we accumulated during the process created a solid basis for all subsequent development.

Supplementary material design

We helped the Awake team to implement a full stack solution that simulates autonomous vessels, communicating with other actors and observing their surroundings via external sensor inputs. This results in safe navigation and visits to the harbours.

Our unique solution can be extended to many different applications. One of the key innovations was using  libclj-python to enable data scientists to implement parts of the simulation in Python, executed in the Clojure/JVM runtime. This way, all team members could work within their comfort zones, making development even more efficient.

A screenshot of Awake's simulation software in action.
Two dock workers having a discussion, the other one pointing up.
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