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Enhancing the UX of a licensing software platform

Flowhaven is a brand licensing management platform that enables licensing professionals to automate every phase of the brand licensing workflow process. This includes everything from planning and strategy to managing accounts, reporting royalties, and much more. With Flowhaven, brand licensing is simplified, streamlined, and more efficient.

Our task with Flowhaven was to refresh the user experience of the platform using service design methods and to build a style guide together with a component library. This would support better usability and help Flowhaven maintain a consistent design in the future.






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Gaining insight

When Flowhaven joined forces with Taiste, they were already in the midst of brand renewal. As the company was also expanding, they realized that their processes could benefit from streamlining. In light of these changes, it felt only natural to refresh the user experience as well.

The project began with an extensive UX audit of the platform. At the same time, Taiste and Flowhaven collaborated in several co-design workshops to create user personas and journeys for both internal and external users, to gain a deeper understanding of the audience.

Design overhaul

We discovered that the main challenge Flowhaven had was the lack of a cohesive user experience. We decided to tackle this issue head-on by implementing modern and intuitive design elements that would elevate the user experience to a new level.

Taiste created a style guide, including a light component library that would be easy for Flowhaven to maintain and develop. This library was a collection of functional design elements, such as buttons, grids, colors, visuals, fonts, and more. With it, we could ensure that Flowhaven’s interface would stay consistent and cutting-edge.

Helping our customers adopt the style guide and integrate the components was essential. We suggested using Storybook, a UI development tool, with the components and provided guidance on its implementation.

Embracing teamwork for success

It was truly a pleasure to work closely with the Flowhaven team every step of the way. Together, we helped the developers and their colleagues adopt a fresh approach to teamwork. Rather than working in silos, they embraced continuous collaboration as the key to success.

The impact of our work is evident on the Flowhaven platform, where user experience is now intuitive and welcoming, while also being as fresh and contemporary as the industry itself. With our support, Flowhaven is well-prepared to thrive in the highly competitive licensing market, both now and in the future.

“Taiste helped us to identify major UX debt issues, which improved the end-users’ satisfaction with our product.”

Kalle Törmä

CEO & Founder

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