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A companion app for intrauterine devices

Wonder app supports the users of hormonal coil – also known as intrauterine system or IUS – before and after installing the device.

Our job was to design and build a service that offers precise information about IUS and lets the users monitor their well-being while using it.

The app is available on App Store and Play Store.








Service design / Digital design / Software development / Continuous improvement

A woman using a smartphone. In the foreground: an image of a phone displaying a view from Wonder app.

Monitoring one's condition

After starting to use the IUS, the user can use the app to mark down the heavier and lighter bleeding days and how they feel.

The summary view makes it easy to view these changes in the context of longer time periods. Naturally, this information may also help the doctors in case of questions or issues.

A phone displaying the calendar view of the Wonder app.

Smart IUS guide

The IUS guide included in the application offers information about the device's effects on birth control and menstrual cycle.

The user can also use the app to prepare for the installation. The guide explains how the installation procedure is performed, how it feels like, which effects are normal and in what kind of situations one should contact their doctor.

Moreover, the app features an FAQ section concerning the IUS as a birth control method, hormone function, periods, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

A woman outdoors, using the Wonder app on her phone.

Fast content updates

It was crucial that Bayer could easily update the text content of the app. For this reason, we ended up using Contentful as our content management tool. With it, the copy changes are immediately visible in the app. From the content producers' perspective, this makes it possible to do quick changes without long delays.

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