Case Vaisala

Vaisala is a global leader in measurement instruments and intelligence for climate action.

Their products are used in weather forecasting, aviation, industrial measurement and satellites. Fighting climate change plays a major role in their operations: the more data we can measure, the more tools we have at our disposal to pave the way for a more sustainable future.

We have helped Vaisala build digital products such as calculators and product selectors that help them both serve their customer base and gain data on how to improve their services even further.




Measuring Instruments




Service Design, UX/UI Design, Software Development

Analysis tools

Vaisala's products are designed to measure a great variety of data points. The analysis tools we've assisted them in building include Diluted Gas Analysis for transformer station maintenance, an air humidity calculator and a hydrogen peroxide calculator for disinfecting areas such as life-science facilities and public transport equipment.

Vaisala emphasises sustainability in their operations – their video presentation explains how it works in practice.

Helping the customers choose the right configuration

Vaisala's customers come from a wide array of industries. When it comes to utilising their measurement products, no one size fits all.

With the web-based product selector, the clients can form a better idea on both Vaisala's offering and what solution would fit them the best. This information greatly helps Vaisala's sales team to form a preliminary understanding of the customer's needs as well.

Powerful tools to support Vaisala's thought leadership strategy

Vaisala's various calculation products provide Vaisala's current and potential customers with tools that enable them to evaluate the operation of their processes.

This data helps them make informed decisions to improve the sustainability, safety and profitability of their processes.

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