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Case Loisto Mariner

The most precise way to navigate, both at sea and on land.

Loisto products are traditional and trustworthy navigation software, well-known by boaters.

Taiste got the chance to develop the latest addition to their digital product family, Loisto Mariner. The app offers boaters and hikers an easy way to navigate. You can plan routes, identify other vessels around you and check the current weather forecast in the area.

The app is available on App Store and Play Store.




Maps and navigation




Digital design / Software development / Continuous improvement

Precise maps and comprehensive location search

The right destination and a route to get there are now easy to find. We developed an extremely comprehensive location search to Loisto Mariner, based on the location database of the National Land Survey of Finland.

The nautical charts and topographical maps of the app are precise and in vector format. What's more, the maps can also be used in offline mode.

A person holding a phone in their hand. The phone displays the map view of the Loisto Mariner app.

The back end development tested out clojure skills

The back end system of Loisto Mariner delivers up-to-date weather forecast, AIS data of the nearby vessels, as well as maps to be used in both online and offline modes. The back end was built with Clojure, our technology of choice in many of our recent projects.

A developer at his desk, working on Loisto Mariner.
A phone displaying the map view of  the Loisto Mariner app.

Weather forecast and guest harbors

We combined data from several APIs to make the app the smartest assistive software possible to boaters. The app shows an up-to-date weather forecast provided by the Finnish Meteorological Institute. In addition, Finnish guest harbors and their services are clearly marked on the map for added convenience.

AIS data helps to identify other vessels

Big vessels present in the current area can be seen on the map in real-time. To make this possible, AIS data (Automatic Identification System), which helps to identify and locate other vessels, is pulled from Digitraffic's open API.

A boat at sea.
"Taiste has been an excellent partner for us while developing our navigation app. The co-operation has been seamless, and in critical situations, we've been able to trust them to offer solutions, sometimes within a very tight schedule. As product owners, it has been especially important to us that Taiste has always focused on the target audience's needs."

Janne Kostamo

Director, Karttakeskus

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