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Helen is one of the biggest energy companies in Finland. We are their website development partner, continuously improving UX & UI and creating design for Helen's digital channels.

For a company like Helen, getting the information architecture right is an essential part of their online presence. Their website needs to communicate a large number of things to different target groups – and thus, there's always the danger of confusing the users. To tackle this, our UX Designers are continuously working with both Helen's own service design team and their other partners.








Service design, UX/UI design

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Rethinking the web UX and customer journeys

The UX/UI work we've done for Helen has been holistic: it has included tasks like helping the marketing team by building sites for various campaigns, supporting the creation of a dedicated design system, and much more.

When redesigning the customer journeys on Helen's website, the most crucial questions were: how do we make it as easy as possible to order an electricity contract or find out which heating option is best for your housing company?

Creating a smooth user experience whilst taking Helen's business goals into account was no easy feat: there's a great deal of information that needs to be easily available on the site but risks making the experience confusing for the user.

Our approach was communicating directly with the users. Combining different kinds of testing allowed us to better understand how different user groups are searching for information on the site and what the potential bottlenecks are.

The result is an experience that feels intuitive and welcoming, whether you need a new electricity contract for your apartment or a charging station for your electric car.

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