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Keeping track of your boat and memories of your adventures – in your pocket.

Buster application offers boat owners means to remotely monitor their boat, as well as view and share their journeys at the sea via an automatic logbook.

Our role was to design and build an application that works seamlessly with the Buster Q smart display and meets the high standards of the Buster brand.

The app is available on App Store and Play Store.


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A smarter version of your boat

Latest Buster boats feature a powerful Buster Q smart display which, paired with the Buster app, can work its magic to the fullest.

Q display keeps track of the boat's location, fuel & battery status, and automatically saves your trips to a digital logbook. All this information can be accessed via the application as well, wherever you are.

Two phones displaying the various views of the Buster app.

Share your journeys

The app lets the users share memories of their Buster journeys with the world on social media.

This can be done by sharing either sharing the automatically generated image of the route on the map, or by using any other photo in the phone's library.

Two smartphones displaying the various views of the Buster app.
Two phones displaying various views of the Buster App mobile application.

New boaters welcome

On top of everything else, the app features video guides and useful information about boating, as well as rules and regulations. Instruction booklets for the boats and their motors are included, too.

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"Taiste's small and tight-knit team's fast and iterative way of working led to excellent results. The unique approach which combined design and development was a key factor behind the success. Close and frequent communication is an essential component in Taiste's success."
Tomi Juhola, Director, IT & System Development, Buster Boats

A close co-operation

Building the app required working closely with not only Buster, but also Nextfour, the company behind the Buster Q computer and Kompozure, responsible for the cloud services and Buster ID.

The co-operation between all parties has been extremely smooth. This has enabled us to maintain world class quality standards, even within fast development cycles.

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"Taiste has been an excellent partner for our business vertical mobile solution. Their agile, strategic and customer-centric approach has resulted in a state-of-the-art mobile app, regardless of the tight schedule."

Anders Kurtén

Director, Products, Bustes Boats

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