Suunto is a global brand that builds sport watches, precision instruments and dive computers that have been tested in the world’s harshest conditions.

We have worked with Suunto’s product development team since 2013 and helped them to enhance the user experience and design of their products – from watch UIs to various applications and new concepts.

Suunto Outdoor Running

Super fast iteration cycles

Close and daily co-operation with Suunto’s extremely talented designers and developers has made it possible to validate ideas as early as possible. Not only with product owners and end users, but also from the point of view of technology and hardware.

Suunto App iPhone
Spartan Watch
Suunto Spartan watches and Suunto app are recent results of the super ambitious team effort we've been contributing to.
Spartan Outdoor

Right where the magic happens

Suunto’s manufacturing facilities are located right next to its headquarters in Vantaa, Finland. From design perspective, quick and direct communication between all parties is a great asset – and has made development even more efficient.

Suunto Outdoor Watchface
Example of one of our watch face designs for Suunto.

Movesense - The future of sports sensors

With its origins in Suunto's own products, Movesense sensor is a standalone physical toolkit and an open development environment for motion sensor related programming. Taiste is an official partner of Movesense - and we've already began developing for it.

Continuous co-operation
Product Platforms
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