Suunto is one of the world's most respected brands when it comes to sports watches and precision instruments. Their products are tested in the harshest conditions and are known for their reliability.

Since 2013, we have worked closely with Suunto's product development team and a number of other vendors to create user experiences and design for a wide variety of products – from watch interfaces to applications and concept design.

Our latest project together is Suunto 7, a groundbreaking smart watch powered by Wear OS by Google.

Service Design

Combining research and service design methods and fast field testing feedback loops is an integral part of our development process. This has resulted in deep knowledge of the end users, Suunto's business goals and the capabilities of the devices themselves.


    The main focus of our co-operation has been UX/UI design for a number of different products and devices. From early concepts and prototyping to fully detailed designs, we have been involved in all stages of the development cycle.

Software Development

    From web technologies to Wear OS app development, we have been assisting the Suunto team where technology meets design.

Continuous Improvement

    Analysing customer feedback and analytics has constantly helped us understand the end users better – and react swiftly.

Checking Suunto 7 watch
Suunto 7 desk
Suunto 7 Taiste
Suunto 7 meet

Close co-operation

Working as a part of Suunto's own design and technology team has many benefits. Iteration cycles are extremely fast, and daily co-operation with both design and tech departments has resulted in an incredibly efficient workflow – regardless of whether we're operating onsite or remotely.

Modern working environmets and years of co-operation have made jumping into new projects smooth and effortless.

Suunto 7 All black
Suunto Forest Running

Suunto 7 - the next leap in wearables

Suunto 7 is the company's new flagship device that combines Suunto's experience in sports watches with the smartwatch features of Wear OS.

After over two years of development, Suunto 7 was released in 2020. It was met with high praise from critics and users all over the world. We have been closely involved with the project from the very start, helping Suunto build an user experience that meets the standards of the high-end smartwatch market.

Read our blog post on the making of Suunto 7 here.

Interested in buying a Suunto 7? It's available here.

Suunto 7 Google assistant
Suunto 7 Google assistant background

Bringing the Suunto experience to Wear OS

The main challenge in designing the Suunto 7 UX was combining the much loved Suunto experience with the smartwatch possibilities of Wear OS.

The process was a combination of research, design and technology. And the result is a polished product that truly brings together the best of both worlds.

Suunto store
Suunto app

Supplementary material design

In addition to UX and design work, we have created supplementary materials for Suunto products. These have included product packages, digital/physical marketing materials, user guides, illustrations, etc.

Keeping the tone and quality of the brand experience consistent is vital. Having these small but important elements made by the same people who know both the brand and the products inside out is a great asset.

Suunto 7 Design
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