Hesburger Design System is a continuously updated design guide and component/layout library that ensures consistent user experience and fast development regardless of the platform.

Our role was to develop an internal design language and implement reusable components to be utilised in various user interfaces. This way, the components and their documentation are consistent and easy to use, both in terms of code and visual assets. As a result, development becomes more effective and the user experience is vastly improved.

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By interviewing people all around the organization we were able to identify job-specific needs and make fitting technology choices together with the client’s development team.

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    In the process of designing components and layouts, we continuously encourage the users to test out interactions and comment on several visual options based on the Hesburger brand image.

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    We built the examples as HTML and Hiccup models that are directly reusable by Hesburger’s own developers via a live html version created specifically for the design system.

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    Usability of the whole system is iterated based on the user feedback. New components are created and old ones retired based on user needs.

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Different use cases, same fine-tuned experience

Hesburger Design System has been designed with very different user groups in mind, from product development specialists to fry station workers.

Various working environments require the components high flexibility and good usability in mouse, numpad and touch screen interfaces.

Hesburger Design System - hiccup examples

Faster development

Ready-to-use HTML and hiccup components speed up the process of building new services. Iterating on different versions and answering to urgent needs is faster with portion of the work already done. These components create consistency that makes it easier for developers to work together.

Design principles, rules and layouts act as guidelines that ensure a unified user experience.

Hesburger Design System - user interface examples

Seamless experience

Hesburger Design System makes it possible to maintain a consistent UX and familiar logic in all of Hesburger’s services. Thus, the personnel do not need to learn to use several systems.

Moreover, the Hesburger brand is well represented in visually pleasing, professional user interfaces.