We have worked together closely with Hesburger since 2017.

The Enterprise Resource Planning system we are building serves as a foundation for their daily operations. Moreover, we are responsible for a comprehensive design system as well as various interfaces and implementations for important restaurant functions. Our efficient back end solution insures that the system functions swiftly and reliably at all times.

Service Design

After gaining an understanding of the current systems, we created a comprehensive model of enterprise resource planning and business processes. User interviews and field research at Hesburger’s restaurants helped us build a user experience that genuinely makes life easier for the employees and increases efficiency.


    Our design system keeps the internal interfaces consistent and speeds up further development. The interfaces are designed to meet the demanding needs of production environments and are able to smoothly handle large amounts of data.

Software Development

    Our technology role is wide: we play an important role in database, server, integration and front end solutions. We have been involved with the projects from the start, from system architecture to data model and interface design and service monitoring.

Continuous Improvement

    Continuous development based on feedback and monitoring is an essential part of our work together. Each iteration should help pushing things forward both in terms of business development and from the perspective of end users.

Gradually deepening partnership yields best results

Due to several successful projects, we have become a significant part of Hesburger’s software operations within a short time frame. This lets our work play a key role in the business development of the whole restaurant chain.

Our daily co-operation and effective processes ensure that Hesburger gets the most comprehensive benefits possible out of our technology and desing projects. The solutions are scalable and are based on deep knowledge of their wider business goals.

Hesburger services

Enterprise Resource Planning as the foundation for daily operations

The Enterprise Resource Planning solution is responsible for shared data, situation reports and consistent processes within the entire restaurant chain. The information is updated in real time between the main office and the individual restaurants in several countries – taking into account different languages, time zones and currencies.

We have been part of the project’s development team from the start, defining the system’s features, data models and architecture. The comprehensive ERP is set to completely replace the preceding system gradually. Moreover, we are also responsible for the back end solution of Hesburger's self-service touch screen.

Hesburger devices

Design system – keeping things consistent across all internal tools

The desing system we built for Hesburger is a continuously updated collection of components, layouts and instructions that makes sure that the user experience is the same for all employees across all internal interfaces. Consistent UX logic means that employees need to spend less time learning the different systems.

Moreover, design principles, rules and ready to use HTML and hiccup components make developing new tools faster, regardless of platform.

Hesburger - listings examples

Touch screen interfaces for demanding environments

During our co-operation, we have also been involved with various touch screen solutions. The most visible examples of these include a tablet app for collecting orders and a queue number service. With them, the orders customers make at the self-service desk are sent to the restaurant employees. In the meantime, the customer can follow the process of their order in real time.

Hesburger people

Increasing efficiency on all fronts

In the long term, the main goal of the co-operation is increasing efficiency. As the interfaces become more consistent and easy to use, the need for internal tutoring decreases. More efficient systems save time and money across the board. The level of security increases and user roles get more clearly defined.

Easier upkeep results in faster development cycles with widely used and respected methods. The positive effects of our journey with Hesburger will be felt across the board, from business development to the daily work of the staff and the customer experience of people around the world.

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