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Are you a nice person with a passion for making digital experiences better? We'd love to hear from you! 👋

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What's in it for you?

Work with Taiste, at Taiste

Work at our offices or remotely, with flexible hours. We do not send our employees to customers as consultants. In all our projects, you are a part of the Taiste team and receive support and feedback from your colleagues when needed.

Our offices are centrally located, pleasant and well equipped. They are well liked and used a lot, so there is always something going on.

See the results of your work

We build world class digital products that are used by real people in real life. Some of them are used by hundreds of thousands of consumers, others by a handful of professional users.

In all cases you can see and take well earned pride in your work: I was a part of building this.

"At Taiste, we build digital services, including both consumer products and internal systems for businesses. Working as a developer here means always fresh challenges and teamwork. We get to choose technologies that best fit our projects. That said, you don't need to be a master of everything to apply. Learning and sharing information is a part of the job.”
Pyry Liukas
Technology Director

Amazing colleagues

In all the discussions and surveys we have conducted over the years, one aspect rises above all others: Taisteians have an extreme respect and trust for each other as professionals and human beings. This is perhaps our strongest cultural asset.

Join the team, and bring your personality, skills and ambition into the mix!

Long term quality of life

Working at Taiste should give more than it takes – and also open more doors than it closes. Sometimes it gets busy, but our average work hours are very reasonable. We have a well defined culture and a set of values that we are adamant about in all of our actions, big and small.

There is always room for improvement. A healthy and stable economic position lets us be proactive about all of this.

Culture handbook

Employee stories

Patric Manner, Software developer
Helmi Pitkäniemi , Software developer

Open positions

"Here, the cliché about freedom and responsibility actually holds true. As an employee, you get to be very independent, and yet most of the time you spend working collaboratively with your colleagues in our own offices. Moreover, your input matters in terms of which projects you want to be involved with.”
Sami Kähkönen
UX Designer