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Telemast maintains the broadcasting network of commercial radio stations covering all of Finland.

We've helped Telemast build an ERP to manage their maintenance business. Equipped with centralised problem diagnosis tools, it has allowed them to make identifying the issues faster and collect crucial data for further improving the quality of their services.






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Django, CoachDB, Prometheus, Grafana

From manual to automation

Telemast uses a subcontractor to take care of the field operations of the masts. In 2019, they wanted to build a digitalised control and diagnosis system to replace the old, error prone and time-consuming manual process.

The system retrieves data from the assets and presents it visually for the operator. This makes understanding the problem much faster: the maintenance team can often fix the issue remotely without having to travel to the site.

When they do need to perform the operation in person however, the system is also greatly helpful. Namely, it provides the field operator information on the details of the asset. This is crucial because the maintenance person has not necessarily visited that particular site before.

“Taiste’s ability understand our businesses needs and skill in defining them into high quality solutions has helped us significantly in developing our new digital product. The collaboration with Taiste is straight-forward and fast.”

Rose-Marie Skogster


Monitoring process quality

Customer satisfaction is a high priority for Telemast.

The control system also offers Telemast in-depth data on both the maintenance process and the quality of the subcontractors' work. This in turn helps them improve the maintenance processes even further.

Data-driven maintenance

The collected data is extremely valuable from the point of view of business development and business transformation.It enables better planning and optimisation of the maintenance processes. For the end user, this translates into a more reliable and robust experience. Moreover, the data enables us to pinpoint weak links and issues before the risks are even realised.

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