Whether it’s about bringing the Finnish taxi to the digital age, creating a new kind of learning tool for aspiring musicians or disrupting the insurance business, we want to create things that make a difference.

Here are some reasons why we think you should choose us.

Taiste working with Space Nation
Posing with the client team. Space Nation is a space-themed startup we've done discover & design collaboration with.

Smart and fun to work with

With a diverse set of backgrounds and areas of expertise, our team always seeks to gain a deeper understanding of both your business and your customers.

We listen, ask questions, experiment – and bring new perspectives to the table.

Taiste is never indifferent
We share knowledge between ourselves constantly - at our internal Friday Presentations we talk about topics that currently inspire us.

Honest and committed to everything we do

We will never be indifferent to our projects, clients or each other. Not only do we think this mindset is a good rule of thumb in general – we believe it makes a world of difference in the end results, too.

Knowledge is something to share, whether it is within our team, with our clients our with the community

Receiving a Blue Arrow Award together with our client, UPM.

Agile and focused on results

For us, agility means continuously collecting feedback, analysing and reacting to it. Feedback from the team. Feedback from customers. Feedback in the form of analytics. This is the driving force for us – in the end, it is the actual results that define how well we have succeeded.

Internal Xamarin workshop
Software Developers Ville, Timo and Juho learning new skills in one of our many internal technology share sessions.

Right people for the job

The most important asset in any project is the right set of people. A great mixture of creative young talent and senior expertise, our team is highly skilled and committed to helping your vision become a reality.

Offices Turku & Helsinki, Finland
An equal amount of UX Designers and Developers
Completed projects
For a wide array of industries
M€ turnover in 2019
Steady growth