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Mix and match our areas of expertise depending on your needs! The end result is always a practical, user-friendly and high quality solution that meets its goals.

Digital product handbook

Our services

Service design

What kind of digital strategy serves your business the best? What, when and for whom are you building? Simplicity and clarity mean lower costs and better performance.

Digital strategy
Concept design
User research

UX/UI design

The best user experiences are almost transparent – everything simply works exactly as expected.

Digital design
Design systems
Marketing materials
A developer working on various Hesburger software.

Software development

Our development palette consists of modern technologies that enable creating even the most complex systems cost-efficiently.

iOS & Android applications
Web applications
Backend Systems & APIs
IoT & Wearable technologies

Continuous improvement

Real world data helps us validate the decisions we make along the way. Constant learning and development should be maintained throughout the lifespan of the product.

Product & UX testing
Analytics & reports
Flexible small-scale development

Our core principles

  1. Customer benefit & value always comes first
    All decisions should be made with this in mind.
  2. Deep understanding of users is key
    Digital solutions should be both technically robust and easy to use.
  3. Great design knows what to leave out
    Focusing on the essential makes for a better product.
  4. Seek to code as little as possible
    Well thought-out designs and prototypes will save you from costly mistakes in development.
  5. Collaboration & scaling should be easy & flexible
    Working with us is carefee, however your situation and needs evolve.

Digital product handbook

This guide takes a closer look at the best practices we've learned during our years in business.

Read our Digital product handbook

Design systems - a practical guide

Are you interested in learning more about design systems – or perhaps wondering whether you should create or improve one with us? Whatever the case, this guide has got you covered.

Read our Design systems guide

Our tech stack

Programming languages

- Python
- Typescript
- ClojureScript
- Swift
- Kotlin
- C#
- Java

Front end

- React
- Xamarin
- React Native

Back end

- PostgreSQL
- Postgraphile
- RabbitMQ
- Redis
- Podman/Docker
- Django


- Mapbox
- Linode
- GitLab

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