Senior UX/UI Designer

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Who we're looking for

As a senior UX Designer, you are expected to have holistic understanding of all aspects of a user-friendly digital experience, from service design to interfaces and visual design.

You will have the overall responsibility of UX in the projects you work on. You know how to communicate this design vision to both your teammates and the clients.

For this role, we hope you recognise yourself from this description:

  • You're ready to take lead responsibility within projects and like to communicate with the clients.
  • You're a skilled and independent design professional with the ability to contribute meaningfully to both client work and the Taiste team.
  • You have at least 3 years of working experience in a designer role within the field.
  • As a designer, you can offer significant value to a digital project in all its phases, from an idea to release and further development.
  • You are somewhat familiar with several UI software. You feel that learning new tools is an important aspect of your work.
  • You are an excellent visual designer with a strong understanding of digital user experiences and UI design.
  • You work well with Software Developers. You're interested in combining your design expertise with their work.

We also consider the following traits beneficial:
Experience of Design Systems and knowledge of front-end technologies.

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"Here, the cliché about freedom and responsibility actually holds true. As an employee, you get to be very independent, and yet most of the time you spend working collaboratively with your colleagues in our own offices. Moreover, your input matters in terms of which projects you want to be involved with."

Sami Kähkönen

UX Designer

About Taiste

Taiste builds digital products by combining deep technology expertise with top-notch service design. We work on diverse projects for both consumer and professional use. The company was founded in 2009 and currently consists of 45 professionals.

Our equal and open working environment offers freedom and responsibility and seeks to support all involved with their personal goals as well. You'll get to work on interesting projects with modern technologies – together with the top talents of their respective fields.

The work happens mostly on our own premises. Our beautiful offices are located at the heart of Turku and Helsinki. Naturally, remote work is also possible and supported.


What will you be working on? Depends on the role and current situation. However, our cases are accurate examples of the kind of projects we work on. What you see is what you get!

Our projects are meaningful and positively challenging. The customer base is wide – you always have a say in what you find interesting and rewarding.


Our work culture emphasises the combination of great personal freedom and responsibility. Despite our different roles, we’re all humans and colleagues – not bosses and subordinates. In order to create the best and most productive environment for smart people, that’s the only way to go.

The relationship between the employee and the employer should be healthy, honest and balanced. We maintain this with active open dialogue and focusing on things that contribute to well-being in the long term.

"I feel respected and trusted as a digital professional. We're able to make technology-related decisions without long, discouraging processes. This results in a fun, fast-moving environment where you can focus on the good stuff: coding and problem-solving."
Eetu Laaksonen
Software Developer

The best parts of two cities and remote working

Our world-class offices are located at the heart of Helsinki and in lively and unique Turku. You can flexibly work in either one of them – or remotely when you feel like it.

You really get to utilise these cool spaces, since most of the work is done at our own premises. No need to bring a fridge to the customer's office.


For us, profitability is a means to build both individual and collective happiness. This is done in the form of competitive salaries and developing benefits that make us feel good and inspired.

We discuss and develop these benefits together, making sure they have value for us.

Did we spark your interest?

Take the chance and tell us about yourself. Let's create a better digital future and an awesome place to work together!

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Recruitment process

Sending the application

You will receive an automatic reply to confirm we've received your application. We'll let you know whether we should continue the discussion as soon as possible.


In two interview sessions, you will meet our various team members. The goal is to get to know each other and determine whether Taiste is the right place for you.


We will contact you as soon as we have reached a decision. If you've been selected, we will offer you a contract based on our discussions.

Signing the contract

Once the contract has been signed by both parties, it's time to begin the onboarding. Welcome to Taiste – we're sure you'll like it here! 🙌

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