Space Nation is an ambitious Finnish startup, whose goal is to create the world's largest community for space exploration and education.

Our role in the project has been to help the company to take over the solar system via UX research.

Space Nation - Navigator App

To the stars

Space Nation's mobile app is an open trainee program, in which the users compete against each other to learn the skills of the NASA astronauts.

The app tests the users with constantly updating challenges. In the end, the contestants with most points have a chance to enter a televised, real life contest, the winner of which might actually get to travel to space.

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Space Nation - Astronaut training in Iceland

User research across continents

UX research has been an invaluable tool in making the right decisions along the multi-layered design process.

As a part of our broad research, we have tested new concepts and approaches with international focus groups. This is to ensure that the service has universal appeal and, as Space Nation's mission statement goes, no borders.

Space Nation and Taiste

Better decisions based on better data

By combining statistical questionnaire data with qualitative interviews we have offered a comprehensive set of research data for the needs of product development, marketing and communications.

This has made Space Nation's decision making significantly easier. In a development process that moves forward in high speed, solid research data makes sure the project stays on the right track.

Space Nation - Astronaut

To infinity and beyond

Space Nation has gained increcible momentum: in its debut fundraising round, it collected its first million in 43 minutes. Moreover, Forbes has added it to its list of companies to watch in 2017.

The company is already close to reaching the very high bar it has set for itself. We are extremely proud to play a part in the quest to boldly go where no startup has gone before.