Satumainen Aurajoki is a unique project that enriches the surroundings of River Aura in Turku with light & sound installations and interactive experiences during the darkest period of the year.

The project is a part of Turku's festivities to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Finland's independence. The parties involved in the work include light artist Janne Auvinen, sound artist Eero Auvinen, Veijonen Consulting and ad agency Briiffi.

We built the project's official application that allows the users to seek missing parts of a sound installation in the area.

Satumainen Aurajoki App - Location Based Treasure Hunting

Art and experiences, for locals and tourists

The goal of the application was to create a stunning work of interactive art for locals and tourists alike, and boost the city's reputation as a significant light installation locale in Europe.

The app is both a part of the installation and an interactive ad. It activates the user to go out and see the riverside with whole new eyes.

Satumainen Aurajoki - Aura Bridge

Treasure hunting at the riverside

The users look for the sound installation pieces using the application's map. By walking close enough to the target, the soundscape is unlocked.

Each part of the sound installation has been composed with the surrounding area in mind. The parts also compliment each other – after unlocking them, they can be played simultaneously. This is when the soundscape really comes to life.

Satumainen Aurajoki App - Offers and a chance to win a Caribbean cruise.

Competition and offers

After discovering all parts of the soundscape, the user can take part in a competition, the winner of which wins a cruise in the slightly warmer atmosphere of Carribean Islands, on a ship built by Meyer Turku.

The application's map also features special offers that are only available for the users. What better way to have a break from the sound searching adventure than to visit nearby restaurants or cafes?

View of the web art installation


The app has already acquired nearly 5000 users and the response has been enthusiastic: the average review score from the users who completed the game is 4.2/5.

Moreover, the fact that 10% of all users have unlocked all the pieces of the installation is a clear indication of an exceptionally high level of commitment.

Average review score
By users who completed the treasure hunt