The basics & methods of digital service design


Digital service design is planning, creating and developing services with a strong focus on customer needs.

Would you like to get acquainted with service design methods in an easy, practical way and understand its benefits to your business? This effective one day training is perfect for you!

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Benefits of the training day

  • During the training, you will get a clear perspective on how the much-discussed service design methods actually work.
  • You will learn how service design can bring your organisation massive benefits in the form of better customer experience.
  • Hands-on tutorials will get you working on your own company's development projects right away.
  • Numerous case studies from the top companies in the field will inspire and offer important insight.
  • You will learn the overall process of designing digital services.



  • The principles and basic concepts of service design
  • The importance of design thinking
  • How to utilise service design in practice
  • The most common methods and tools of service design
  • Measuring success
  • Case studies
  • Hands-on exercises

Who is the training day for?

The training is suitable for anyone interested or involved in building digital services – all the way from CEOs to marketing and product development professionals.

Previous knowledge or experience in service design is not required – whatever your starting point is, the point of the training is to customise the content to your needs and learn by doing. You will walk out with the knowledge to evaluate what kind of service design partnerships fit the needs of your current of future projects.


"The trainers were really charismatic and knowledgeable."

"The professionalism of the trainer and the quality of the materials was top-notch."

"95% of the attendees would recommend this training to their colleagues."

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