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Digital accessibility means taking disabilities into account in service design. It greatly widens your potential audience and ensures a better experience for all users. In 2020, all public service websites must meet the new EU accessibility standards.

European accessibility act timeline


All new public service websites must meet the accessibility standards

September 2020

Deadline for existing public service websites

June 2021

Deadline for existing public service mobile apps

Even if you're not a public service provider, making sure your web service is accessible should be among your top priorities.

According to the World Health Organisation, 1 in 7 people experience some sort of disability. And that does not even take temporary disabilities into account.

Simply put: if you neglect accessibility, a great number of users are either having a bad experience or cannot use your service at all.

Are you ready to make your site or app accessible?

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How can we help?

Our award-winning team is a combination of world-class user experience and technology expertise. Working with us, you can be sure that the end result will be both user-friendly and technically robust.

We recommend starting with an accessibility audit. Based on it, we create an executable plan that includes building tailor-made information structure, internal guidelines, designs and prototypes.

The end goal is making your service accessible in a short time frame. Moreover, we make sure that you have the tools to keep it that way when you update your site or app.

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