We use our expertise to build a better digital world.

Holistic well-being of our team is one of our key goals. A culture of respect, transparency and caring creates an environment where we are, first and foremost, peers.

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Open Positions

Check out the open positions below, or send us an open application. We’d love to hear from you!

Benefits that are actually beneficial

We've got your back

Starting work at Taiste is quick and stress-free. We'll guide you through the first months with our mentor buddy system.

You'll always work with up-to-date tools and software, tailored to your needs. For the most part, we work at our own offices.

Your professional growth is looked after. You have the opportunity to take on varied and boundary-breaking roles in projects, attend various courses and so on.

Valtteri in a design workshop

You are valued and in friendly company

Our work culture emphasises the combination of great personal freedom and responsibility. Despite our different roles we’re all peers, not bosses and subordinates.

In order to create the best possible environment for smart people, that’s the only way to go.

Best of both cities - Turku and Helsinki

The best parts of two cities and remote work

Our world-class offices are located at the heart of Helsinki and in lively and unique Turku.

You can flexibly work in either one of them – or remotely when you feel like it.

There's power in the community

There’s power in community

Our work environment is respectful and homely – this is due to our people who we're proud to be colleagues with.

We organise both work-related and extra-curricular activities for all interested – from parties to sports and board game nights. Do you have an idea for something new you'd like to see? Let’s make it happen together!

Employee benefits

Employee benefits are something we constantly develop together.
Here are some of them.

  • High quality working equipment
    High quality workstation, software, phone & subscription, headphones and other gear are tailored to each person’s needs and wishes and are updated regularly when needed.
  • High quality working environment
    Our modern offices are equipped with carefully selected, ergonomic furniture and good acoustics to maintain a stress-free environment for our professionals.
  • Healthcare and wellness
    Health benefits in the form of regular and specialised doctor appointments, including psychologist’s services. Physiotherapists and Personal Trainers are also at your disposal.
  • Gym membership & sports vouchers
    All-inclusive membership to Elixia gyms help to keep you fit. Alternatively, we can provide you with vouchers that can be used for almost any sports activities. We also have private personal trainers to offer you guidance.
  • Learning and self-development
    Books, classes and other learning material are provided whenever you want to learn something new. Traveling to seminars and other professional networking events is also supported.
  • Freedom and flexibility
    You are free to flexibly work whenever and wherever you want – as long as it's in line with the project and team requirements.
  • Healthy snacks & beverages
    Our office fridges are filled with healthy snacks, fruit, smoothies and sodas – all free of charge, of course. Top of the line espresso machines (or regular Moccamasters) offer an enjoyable energy boost.
  • Taiste Clubs
    Our team members can join any number of our self-organised free-time clubs (board game club, DJ club etc.) – or start their own. Taiste sponsors these clubs with a yearly budget.