Case: Minne Nyt

Every event in Helsinki in one app—for a more lively city culture!

Case: Minne Nyt Mobile App
Client: Sanoma Media Finland
Tasks: iOS/Android implementation

Background & goals

There is an endless amount of things to do in Helsinki metropolitan area. But how does one know what is going on right now? Helsingin Sanomat, the biggest daily newspaper in Finland has a huge event database at its disposal. Since now however, this database has not been utilised to its full potential.

The main target group of the service—young, active and urban adults can be most conveniently reached in the mobile channel. Therefore it was clear that if Helsingin Sanomat could offer an easy-to-use mobile app for browsing events, it would be beneficial for not only the individual users, but for the city culture as a whole. The events needed to find their audience and vice versa.

The Solution

From this viewpoint, an application called Minne Nyt was born. The app brings together pretty much every public event in Helsinki and its surrounding areas and offers hundreds of browsable options in various categories every single day—together with tips from the editors. The service can be used as a responsive web site in any mobile browser—or one can download it as a native application from the App Store or Google Play Store. This means that finding an interesting event has never been this spontaneous and easy, regardless of which smartphone model the users happen to own.


The service was designed with the underlying principle of straightforwardness and ease-of-use. The various event calendars of the years past with their confusing menus and frustrating interfaces needed to be left far behind. Both the search engine and browsing was implemented in such fashion that the user would never have to make any more taps than what was absolutely necessary in any given situation.

The visual design and typography of the app are in tune with Nyt-liite, a weekly supplement magazine of Helsingin Sanomat. The Nyt brand is very well known in Finland—the familiar outlook ensured that the app was even more approachable.



The audience embraced Minne Nyt from the get-go: a whopping 50% of all users returns to the service later on. The users are also committed to using the app time-wise: an average session with Minne Nyt lasts approximately 1 minutes an 20 seconds.

What’s more, the user reviews have been truly excellent on all platforms. This is reflected in the number of users as well: even during beta phase, the service was utilised by roundabout 6000 people each week. And even these numbers are constantly on the rise as the app gains more momentum.

Finding things to do alone or in company is an eternal problem - even though there is so much going on in this city all the time. The demand for the app is definitely there, and no one has as comprehensive database of events in their disposal as Helsingin Sanomat does. Moreover, we can also offer tips from our journalists, whose opinions already have value to people.

Mikko Tuovinen

Graphic & Concept Designer, Sanoma Media Finland

A simple and beautiful idea deserves a simple and beautiful implementation. We succeeded in making the service and its backup system fast and stable. It will be truly interesting to develop the service even further in the near future.

Mikko Harju

Technical Director, Taiste

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