• Case: Frank

    Every student discount in Finland. On all screen sizes.

Case: Frank – a discount service for students
Client: Frank
Tasks: Implementation for responsive web, UX and service design, server implementation

Here’s a stereotype that lives on mighty strong: it is useless to market anything to students because they don’t have any money.

This is an assumption that Frank wanted to change. The responsive web service gathers every student discount under one website, whilst seeking to make students a more attractive target market to both big and small brands alike.

The service is aimed at for over half a million students across Finland. Our challenge was to design the service so that it would feel smooth and easy to use on any device, regardless of the huge amount of users and ever-increasing ads.

The service received a lot of praise from both students and the client upon its release in Fall 2013. Of course, a service such as this one is never truly finished—we have been developing it further together with the client to this day.

The project was challenging and critical to our business, but the Taiste team delivered amazing quality regardless of a very tight schedule. Especially pleasing was the way Taiste handled the project and understood our business goals. This is evident in the streamlined end result. I can heartily recommend Taiste for bigger projects, too.

Mikko Jauhiainen

Managing Director
, Frank Students

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