Introducing: the team that makes your vision a reality

Our Team

The most important asset is the right set of people

Our team is highly skilled and committed to helping your vision become a reality. Throughout the years, we have experienced many challenging and time critical projects. We are equipped with a hefty amount of experience in web & mobile technologies, UX and UI design, concept design, business development and back end technologies. Our crew is a great mixture of creative young talent and senior expertise.

Let’s create something amazing together!

A mathematician by education and a former NSN employee, Oscar is truly a jack of all trades: he's specialised in marketing, communications, research and business development. And on top of that, he's also the coolest dad in town, hi-fi enthusiast and a master of coming up with a metaphor for every situation.

Oscar Salonhano

Managing Director

045 262 4920

Mikko has been devoted to coding since the golden days of Commodore 64. No technical obstacle is impossible when he's around. See also: music lover, yogi.

Mikko Harju

Technology Director

040 093 9882

Ville is a trusted expert of all things graphic design and user experience. With Ville, no transition, visual solution or font size will remain imprudent. His hobbies include playing the drums, improvisational theatre and interior design.

Ville Kaisla

Design Director

050 545 7067

Keywords in Ville's technology palette include Android, Java, Xamarin, C# and Python. He is also keen on non-technical activities such as badminton, skiing and playing the guitar.

Ville Ahti

Software Developer

045 871 0533

An expert in user and service research, Anna makes sure that the end users are what matters the most in the design process. In her free time she enjoys furnishing and science fiction films – even the bad ones.

Anna Haverinen

Design Anthropologist

045 630 8830

Oskari Huiskala

Production Manager

040 595 2735

Tuomas is a Swiss army knife of communications, marketing, concepts & project management. Has a background in Media and Communications studies. Also a musician, movie buff and game enthusiast.

Tuomas Jalamo

Communications Manager

044 295 7710

User Interfaces, UX and responsive design are Joni's fields of expertise. At a very young age, he was already a co-founder in a small web company, and has since worked both as a freelancer and for big companies. A typical working day summarised in his own words: "I play the browser accordion".

Joni Juup

UX Designer

050 588 1036

Coding since the early 80s, Harri's career as a software developer has included working for both startups and big companies like Nokia and Accenture. Besides being interested in all things technology, he loves fixing old bicycles.

Harri Kaasalainen

Software Developer

050 511 9216

Juho specialises in mobile programming with C#. Takes interest in art & plays the piano. Equally enthusiastic about running and game development.

Juho Kaasalainen

Software Developer

040 034 6168

A brilliant, highly versatile developer with ten years of working experience. If you dare, you can challenge him to a match of Rocket League, but you will most likely lose sourly.

Jarkko Laiho

Software Developer

044 082 9932

Besides being a top-notch UX designer, Valtteri has a long background in 3D graphics and animation. Cross-disciplinary art and technology fill his days outside of work as well. In electronic music circles he is known as Fossa.

Valtteri Mäki

UX Designer

044 577 5852

Kasper Nurminen

Software Developer Intern


A graduate form the Department of Mathematics, Tommi is fiercely in love with all things Python. His other interests include vocal music, progressive rock and film festivals.

Tommi Penttinen

Software Developer

044 027 8452

A former laborant and media industry worker, Heli found her true calling in designing kick-ass user experiences. She's also an advocate for a healthy lifestyle. Has a complicated love-hate relationship with to-do lists.

Heli Ruumensaari

UX Intern


As a designer, Janne's approach is heavily influenced by minimalism: making often complex things straightforward is his specialty. Janne also spends a great deal of time finding and listening to weird metal bands you've never heard of before.

Janne Säde

UX Intern

040 840 7413

This versatile Mathematics graduate is both a flexible coder and a video game guru. If he ever got to choose a special power, he would go for eternal invincibility.

Timo Vesalainen

Software Developer

040 352 2099

Tiina has worked for several ad agencies, and somewhere along the way, found out that her heart was in user interface design. "In all communications design, the most interesting question is how to create a-ha moments to users", she says. In her free time, she does yoga and is crazy about all things French.

Tiina Viljakainen

UX Designer

040 777 6014

Ossi is an Android developer who originally found the spark to code from playing too many video games as a kid. Plays the guitar and bass, as well as any other instrument he can get his hands on.

Ossi Väre

Software Developer

 050 546 4400